About Brian Sean Wee, CFP
Brian Wee is a certified financial planner who helps his clients with two primary functions:  Retirement Planning and Business Coaching. 

For his retirement planning clients- Brian helps them setup tax efficient vehicles and make consistent contributions over their careers into investments in order to have as big of a nest egg as possible.  Brian is available to help all individuals and small business owners create and contribute to retirement plans.  

Brian also has recognized that many small business owners are not profitable enough to have money left over to fund their retirement portfolios.  Therefore, he began offering business coaching services to help small business owners improve profitability and ultimately be able to properly fund their retirement portfolios.  Because of the highly specialized nature of business coaching- Brian currently only provides business coaching to small businesses in the horse industry space-  and has a specialty working with horse back riding schools and other lesson-based horseback riding programs.

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