See for yourself, these are a sampling of our Client Success Stories (and of course, results do vary...)

"Brian gets you excited about your goals and then shows you the most sensible way to accomplish those goal. He makes you feel like he sincerely wants you to be successful and you feel like he is personally invested in that. My overall favorite thing about Brian is that he makes you feel like he always has time and energy for you. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone that is looking to take their business to the next level."

-Travis Atkinson

"Brian’s program would be a benefit to anyone in the horse industry. Whether you are just starting out or have a well established business, his techniques can be tailored to work for your program. In the 2 short months I’ve been working with The Next Level program, I have increased my weekly lessons by 30%!!! And I have barely scratched the surface of all he has to offer. The techniques of this program will help you to build your clientele and help streamline your business!"

-Michele Koenig

"Even if you take just one thing Brian has to offer and put a small amount of energy into it his techniques work. He is a wealth of knowledge, down to earth and a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to mastering my business!! Thank you for the great experience!!"

-Amy Grace Pippin

"Brian has been awesome to work with... he provides clear direction and training, is great helping those of us that are technologically challenged! He truly wants to see everyone succeed and hold you accountable to reach the goals you set for yourself. A valuable asset for your barn!"

-Cindy Elise Tognazzini

"The Next Level Horse Business program offered by Brian Wee is great. I'm fairly new to the program, but Brian Wee has a lot to offer in his program. There is tons of info in his online course modules, and his coaching calls are helpful too. There is also a great clients only facebook group. If you are hesitant about signing up, at least do the 2 week trial, and there is a good chance you will decide to continue the program once you see what it is like."

-Jam Lee TePoel

"Brian is exactly what the horse business is missing! His ability to help you clarify what you want YOUR horse business to look like, along with his marketing savvy and his clear cut understanding of how businesses grow, is outstanding. The videos give you great insight into building a horse business, from whatever level of business you are starting from, and helps horse people be the business people they were never trained to be! The community that Brian builds between horse people is also a helpful commodity, for asking questions and getting ideas of how others have accomplished their goals. In a business that people often don't even know how to manage a schedule, Brian is providing us with ways to streamline, build and succeed in the horse business. Thank you Brian!"

-Stephany Fish Crossman

"If you have thought about jumping into this program and havn't done it yet, do it! It is the best investment I have made in my business and myself. Brian makes you get real about your business, your goals and gives you the tools, knowledge and support you need to help your business become what you have always envisioned. Cheers to him for putting together this amazing program!"

-Briana Yetter

"My business is still quite new and I thought I'd be pushed to the side since I am much smaller but he has made me feel like I matter just as much as everyone else and truly seems just as excited as I am. I've started making changes in my business and I'm already seeing a ton of MANAGEABLE growth! He has many, many brilliant ideas and makes everything seem possible. The scientific part of my brain appreciates his analytical view on growing the business and setting number-specific goals to help drive you forward and keep you accountable for your own success."

-Sarah Valentini

"Brian Wee is the man that gets the equine industry! He’s working very hard to have trainers unite and make the industry once what it was! If you are a huge profitable barn he can finely tuned it and help invest those profits! If your small and just starting out he can provide you with a model to get you off and running! You have to do the work, he’ll provide the tools! Excellent work shop for the past 2 days - Thank you Brian!"

-Julie Fitzpatrick

"Brian is a miracle worker! I was struggling for years to find and maintain regular clients. After only a few months working with him I have a handful of WONDERFUL regulars and more coming in every month! I couldn't have done it without him!"

-Paige Haas

"I can't say enough about Brian Wee and his program Next Level Horse Businesses. He helped me structure an action plan to successfully grow my business even during the Covid pandemic and equipped me with the tools to produce a higher quality product for my clientele. Running a successful horse business is difficult even when all the stars align, and to have a business strategist in my corner everyday is invaluable. Being part of a network of similarly minded trainers and horse business owners inspires me on a daily basis. I highly recommend this program!!!"

-Kay Pfaff

"Brian is very knowledgeable and professional in many horse related avenues. He has been a tremendous help building my business."

-Jodi Hall 

"Highly recommend Brian. Brian understands the horse industry from both sides. With Brian’s help, Ive developed a lesson program that best manages my time, is profitable and fills a need for my clients. Lesson day has become the highlight of their week and mine! Thank you Brian. You have completely changed my life."

-Liz Truax

"Brian helped to change the way I thought about my lesson business! He’s revolutionized the way I get new clients! It’s been the best thing I’ve done in the last 10 years!"

-Dawn Kemph

"Brian is super supportive and wants everyone to succeed! He helps you find the answers to your struggles and pushes you to constantly grow and achieve greatness. Invaluable support! "

-Jessica Flaherty

"Brian has a great eye for business and doesn't shy away from discussing specifics. He gets right to the point with business practices that are helping me to build the ideal schedule and client base. TEN out of TEN would recommend him as a coach for any type of business. Also, as a side note, he responds to my queries incredibly fast and always with a positive tone even when giving requested critiques. Delivering positive criticism is an art form and KEY to growth. Brian makes me realize how much faster I should be responding to my own clients, and that you can be direct in asking your clients for their business and come across as approachable and friendly. I seek to one day master his jedi-like communication skills of being direct AND positive."

-Lauren Patton Word Watterson

"Brian’s insight into business, flavored by his passion for bringing horses to the widest, most diverse audience possible, is what makes every bit of his advice so valuable!"

-Mckrell Baier

"Brian has so much understanding when it comes to business and personal development that you need to look no further. Having someone to talk to about ideas just really helps knowing what the next step should be for yourself and your business. He truly wants you to succeed with your business and always has a good answer to your questions. "

-Christian Baier

"I am impressed with Brians vision his ability to get a Clear numbers plan for your business and the community he has created for horse professionals. Defiantly has thought out every aspect. Brian is great to work with he will change your life!"

-Karema Ragab Moheisen

"I recently retired and have been looking at ways to ramp up my horse businesses. I have taught riding and trained horses part time or full time since I was 12. For the first time someone has given me a step by step framework to 10X my business. Not only has he given me a plan to follow but inspiration and a program to follow to 10X myself and character to handle a business of the magnitude that I want. I’m looking forward to working with him to meet and surpass my business and personal goals."

-Gay Leigh Bingham

"Joining Brian's program was not only the best decision I have made for our Riding school and Summer camp, it also was an investment I will never regret. 
Every day Brian is pouring his heart and energy into given everyone in his program the needed tools, knowledge and his never ending support to build a success Equestrian business. "

-Stefanie Terebayza

"Joining Next Level Horse Business was the absolute best choice I've made for my business.
Brian is extremely easy to work with. He is a master at easy, manageable strategies to help you. You will identify your goals with lots of guidance then he will hold you accountable in meeting them. 
This program was actually affordable unlike others I was courted by."

-Katie Peet-Walker Bystrom

"I have struggled to make my training business profitable for years, feeling lost and alone with no one to turn to for help. Brian lays out a very do-able process that is turning my business around in a very short time frame, and has a wonderful group of fellow horse trainers that support each other along the journey. I wish I had done this a long time ago!"

-Lindsey Sanford-Mcgurk

"Brian has been a great inspiration and is doing a fabulous job! Highly recommend him and his knowledge!"

-Denise Thompson

"Brian always offer clear and kind perspective to struggles that arise with business finances as well as business operations and plans. Taking his advice has led me to working fewer days a week, having more time to spend with my family and having significantly more financial stability which is something that seems to always lack in this industry. He is always looking for the bright side and next moves that need to be made while being totally grounded and clear. I highly recommend Brian to any and all seeking more stability and profit in their businesses and more enjoyment from their lives."

-Maggie Clancy

"Brian’s simple suggestions that I followed brought my riding academy from 8 students pre COVID (6 during) to 16 by the end of May. I added 7 more before June 12. I needed to be held accountable for action items, and Brian certainly does that. I couldn’t be happier and am excited to see where I can take my business in the next 6 months."

-Loretta Arey

"As a member of Next Level Horse Businesses since November 2019, THE VALUE FOR THE $ IS INCREDIBLE! Working with Brian has helped me structure and implement a thriving business. The June 29th-30th symposium was packed with teaching, information, and tools to continue to scale. THANK YOU BRIAN!"

-Heather Cassese

"Brian Wee’s 2 day symposium was time well spent. Not only do you learn from an amazing teacher, the quality of the group of trainers coming together from across the country brings the wisdom and value up to a whole new level. I walked away with an action plan and some new like minded friends to hold me accountable in a horse training world that sometimes feels lonely. So grateful for the content, steps and success all of us got out of working so intensely with Brian for two days! Looking forward to the next one, and definitely recommend."

-Cat Caldwell Myers 

"Brian is very helpful and has a program designed to cover all aspects of running a profitable horse program. He really wants to see people succeed and grow the horse industry."

-Maria Gibson

"What an awesome person and resource to have on your side! Brian is encouraging, clear and passionate about helping people run the best business they can. I’ve already implemented some of his strategies and have seen great results. He is exactly what the horse world needs!"

-Kerry Dirac

"I had some questions about leasing a riding facility & starting my own riding lesson business. I booked a consultation with Brian & after our Zoom meeting I had a clear picture of what an efficient riding lessons business could look like at that facility! His knowledge of horses & business was able to give me an edge in negotiations with the facility owner. I highly recommend Brian to anyone needing help in the horse industry"

-Megan Hutson Waller

"Brian literally helped me to build a business from scratch in an area I was completely sure it would not be possible to have any success. He is very compassionate and knowledgeable and I am forever grateful for the day I chose to reach out to him and join his awesome program! He def comes highly recommended!!!"

-Christine Mitchell
"Brian has been extremely helpful in helping me set up and grow my lesson program business and to set attainable goals in order to create a business that is long term and self-sustaining. Brian truly has passion for this industry and for getting the love of horses into as many people as possible. I would highly recommended signing up for Brian's Next Level Horse Business programs!"

-Anne Hedge

"Brian provides phenomenal insights on multiple levels; from practical down-to-earth business tactics, to a big-picture understanding of where the horse industry is headed. He provides a cohesive, holistic philosophy for professional horsemen in the 21st century. Highly recommended."

-Jake Lundahl

"The horse industry needs Brian Wee - not only is he trying to improve it from the top down, he is providing a valuable and badly needed platform for dialogue among trainers. His theory that together we can raise the industry up is so true. Thank you Brian Wee for what you are doing to improve the industry and help equine businesses become profitable."

-Jennifer Brooks Lee

"During our consultation call, Brian provided a fresh perspective with valuable insight. His ideas on moving businesses forward in the equine industry are engaging, informative, and exciting!"

 -Stephanie Swites

"I highly recommend Brian Wee. He not only has great business sense and knowledge, but he is also incredible at handling new technologies. He will guide you step by step, and will always make the effort to explain anything you need. He is very attentive, and gives the VERY BEST SERVICE to each of us who have chosen to work with him. Really happy to be working with Brian Wee !!!!"

-Celia Blanco Bunge

"Brian has a great business sense and has been great in helping me get my new business up and going. his videos are very informative, but the one on one help he has given to me shows he will go beyond his obligations to help you every step of the way. thanks so much Brian"

-Mark Burnette

"I appreciate all Brian is trying to accomplish for this equine industry. I can't wait to see what he is able to do. Great discussions, great speakers and exceptional ideas."

-Meaghan Selger Nutt

Jazz Napravnik Video Testimonial

"Brian is truly helpful and insightful. His desire to make things better for the equine world is sure to benefit all of us."

-Sue McCoy Fanelli

"Brian is an amazing strategist. With his forward thinking he can find simple solutions to help any business plan, equestrian or other. Thank you Brian for tackling such delicate yet important issues !!"

-Lisa Abrams

"Got my 45min call that turned well over that today!! Brian's mindset and thought process is so refreshing yet rebellious to the dusty old ways of doing things... his vision and mindset are ahead of this time. I really enjoyed learning and bouncing ideas back and forth. I feel Brian is an old friend I have known my whole life! Thank you Brian for your time and the passion you put into your work. Look forward to working with you and bringing these ideas to the market!!"

-Sara Zomo

"Brian is a new generation of consultant. He is innovative and quick to change with circumstances. He thinks outside the box and is quick on his feet always looking for the advantage and unafraid to push into the unknown for a solution. He will help you dig in and find the potential in your circumstance. Need a fresh perspective? Brian is your guy!"

-Melissa Spell Deal

"Brian literally changed my life. That sounds so dramatic, but it was. He was able to alter my perception of business, give me tools to increase revenue beyond my wildest dreams and helped me set tangible business goals that are adrenaline pumping. Brian made my business fun and profitable. Highly Recommend."

-Michelle Blackler

"Brian can help you change your perspective, methods and business in so many positive ways you can't imagine! His program increased my warm leads from 2 to over 30 per week! His straight forward direction with clear steps along with his coaching will help you meet your goals. It can change your business over night! I highly recommend investing in yourself & business with him."

-Lisa M Rufsholm

"Brian provides information that is extremely useful and worth the time. He offers professional insight from extensive experience and knowledge."

-Kimberly Skiotys

"He has a refreshing attitude and helps you feel like you can do this. His perspective is understanding and his knowledge of different methods and options is unparalleled. On top of that he actually cares about me as an individual and helps me navigate my personal challenges and find personal solution"

-Dina Miller

"Brian has been very helpful to us in growing our small business. He is easily accessible, and has a systematic, step-by-step approach that is easy to follow and implement. He puts a lot of passion into helping businesses grow and we appreciate how he supports and celebrates our progress!"

-Davalee Minden